Real reality
- not for wimps!

Welcome to the intergalactic Big Father! The ultimate reality!

- In Big Father there are not 10 people - but over 6 billion !

- not just one house, but an entire planet!

- Big Father doesn't last 100 days - but from eternity to eternity.

- forget about a couple dozen cameras and spylines – Big Father sees and hears you at any time – not even your thoughts can be kept to yourself.

Does this sound too extreme?
Welcome, wake up, this is real reality - not for wimps!
- and YOU are already part of it!

Do you think you have a choice?
No - you have participated in Big Father since before you were born.

Like all the other 6 billion participants, you are unique and especially chosen. Everybody contributes to the community in their own way - nothing is random in the plan of Big Father.

In Big Father you will experience love, friendship, conflicts, sex, violence, war and reconciliation. The participants themselves have chosen to live separated from Big Father - even though many of the participants no longer remember why it is that way.

Do you wonder how you entered Big Father? Does being in Big Father strike you as meaningless and without any real purpose? Do you wonder why?

As a participant in Big Father, you only see the game and its participants. But where do we all come from?

Who is the director of Big Father?

Or to be more precise: who IS Big Father?

Big Father sees you - have you discovered him?

Big Father sees you - have you discovered him?

Do you want to get out?

Do you want to meet Big Father and explore the entire world that is on the outside of what you now can see?

Do you want to discover the purpose of being?

Big Father has given you a free pass to get into fellowship with him - in the middle of the madness - what do you say?

Learn more about how Big Father can help you out at!

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